Your Own Website vs. Your Affiliate and Reseller Sites

Ok, let's talk about Digital Marketing and how it works.  Although having a website is not a requirement, it certainly helps. A website is the platform where you can present information and sell your product or service.  There are two types of websites: 1) one that you create yourself, or hire a designer to create for you; 2) one provided to you by another marketer or a company you represent (reseller sites). These types of sites are also known as affiliate or mirror websites.  Creating your own website provides you with the luxury of presenting whatever type of information you desire. It is your responsibility to write content, locate appropriate graphics, and make certain you post the proper legal disclaimers, etc. Using a reseller or affiliate site limits your ability to alter content, offer promotions, or build a customer mailing list. For the most part, the only thing you can do with this type of website is direct traffic to it in an attempt to make sales.  Managing Your Own W

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