7 (+1) Hacks to Improve Your Internet Marketing Mindset

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Have you ever wondered why some online marketers seem to be so much more successful than others?

Or why one marketer bounces back from a failure within days, while another one gives up and begs for his old job back?

Or why you see some online marketers everywhere in your Twitter & Facebook feed, and other marketers hear only crickets?

They are doing something for their business everyday, even it is a simple post or single email broadcast; they continue to move forward always.

Here are seven hacks plus a bonus one at the end (this one will blow your mind as not many Internet Marketing are doing it while the top dogs are masters on it) on what sets some online marketers apart from others.

1. Believe in Yourself: OK, this may sound corny to some of you, but the truth is you are unique in the universe, there is no other human being quite like you in the world. Maximize your uniqueness, take advantage of it. Successful online marketers believe in themselves and their business. 

When the going gets tough and when you make mistakes, it’s your belief that will pull you through. You’ve got to believe that you are fully capable of building a five, six or seven figure business, that you are able to bring tremendous value to your customers, and that you can overcome any adversity that gets in your way.

2. Have a Business Plan: I have talked about this one in my previous Internet Marketing Truths article. Read it again and understand it . Some marketers don’t look beyond what niche they’re going to enter and what their domain name should be. You need to have a business plan in place, a road-map you can follow when you get stalled.

Who is your audience? What do they want and need? Are you going to promote products? are you going to create your own products? If so, what problems will those products fix or what benefits will they give the customer? Will you blog? Podcast? Make videos?

Your plan can be flexible and adapt as needed, but the importance of having a plan in the first place is unquestionable. You need to understand basic business concepts such as Revenue, Profit & Cost. Without vision and goals – both of which will be in your plan – you’ll get up in the morning without a clue of what you should be doing. And that is a recipe for failure.

3. Leave Your Comfort Zone Daily: You’re going to be doing things you’ve never done before. It’s going to be uncomfortable, and even scary. You might be afraid to take the next step. And all of that is perfectly normal. 

The key is to embrace the fear and do the things you need to do anyway. If you stay within your comfort zone, you will never grow, nor will your business. But if you embrace the new and unknown, there is no limit to what you can do.

4. Think Big, Think Small: As an online marketer, you’ve got to think about the big picture. What is your end goal – to make $100,000 a year? Or maybe to build a million-dollar business and sell it? What campaigns will you use to reach your customers over the coming year? What is your marketing strategy for the following year?

But you’ve also got to think small. Are your customers getting their questions answered the same day? What should you do today to get more customers? Are you going to promote this product this week, or that product?

It’s easy to get so bogged down in the little stuff, that we lose sight of the big picture. But if all you ever focus on is the big picture, you’ll never get anything done today.

5. Develop Powerful Habits: Figure out the three things you should be doing every single day that will bring in more business and master them. And then no matter what, before you quit for the day, do those three things. 

For example, maybe it’s making a Facebook post and sending an email to your list to make sales, or participate in forums to drive traffic and contacting 3 possible affiliates to promote for you. Whatever your three things are, do them every single day and you be consistent.

6. Audience First, Product Second: Too many online marketers make the grave mistake of creating a product and then going in search of customers for that product. This seldom works.

Instead, find your audience, provide them with great content that they love, work on gaining their trust, build your list in the process. Then find out what they want and need and sell that to them. Repeat after me: “Audience first, product second.”

7. Honesty and Generosity: This one is two-fold, and yet I find they are intricately intertwined. Give yourself to your audience without holding back. Have you suffered a letdown or made some stupid mistake? Then let them know that. Do you have an answer to your readers’ problem? Let them know what it is. Be authentic.

Want to make friends with other marketers? Give them something before asking for a favor. I know of one marketer who offers his plugins for free to fellow bloggers, and he makes all sorts of contacts this way.

You cannot go wrong by being generous. And you also cannot go wrong by being honest. Tell them the shortcomings of the product you are promoting. The REAL shortcomings. Show your human side. Talk about your own trials and tribulations and struggles. 

Hey, you’re not perfect? Your audience already knew that, but they’re mighty glad to hear you say it. It makes you one of them. Post a card above your desk – “Honesty and Generosity.”

7 + 1. Master These 2 Skills: For the last hack allow me to make a small introduction. Nobody talks about these skills in the Internet Marketing world. Everybody focuses on "the funnel", "the offer", "the product", etc. But mastering these 2 things will not only make you a better marketer, it will also transform you into a better person, a better mother or father, a better daughter or son, a better wife or husband. These skills are hidden in plain sight and  you'll be shocked to find out how few people actually have a plan in place to improve these everyday.

The skills you need to master are: 

Reading & Writing.


Make a commitment to invest in YOU, (a.k.a invest in knowledge to improve yourself). Read everyday. Have a plan for reading. There are no excuses for NOT doing it. You even have audio books today. Listen to your books if you must. I personally use Scribd for this but you can use whatever you have available, even an old-fashioned hard cover book!

All the same with writing. This skill will not only help you with your Internet Marketing efforts (a.k.a creating content for your blog and your social network), but it is also somehow therapeutic. Write a journal to start getting into the habit (if you don't have it already), then venture into articles, blog posts, or content driven sites and ultimately a Book, or even multiple Books, why not?   

Master these seven plus one hacks in your life and your Internet Marketing Business, and you cannot go wrong in your quest of improving your mindset.

And... Never Give Up!