Brainstorming Your First Top-Level Niche and Sub-Niche for Affiliate Marketing Promotions - Brainstorming Your First Top-Level Niche
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When trying to find your first Niche Market and affiliate products for generating your first commissions, you’ll need 3 main components:
  1. Define Your Top-Level Niche
  2. Define a Sub-Niche to target
  3. Find products to promote
You must ensure you are targeting a high demand top-level Niche Market. If you brainstorm your first niche correctly and get this first step right, the likelihood of making money increases exponentially. To help you out, here I share some of findings, hopefully you'll find them useful and at the end of this article you'll be ready to find your first niche, sub-niche and product to generate your first affiliate commission online.

First, find out what people are talking about (your top-level niche and sub-niche)

One way to identify good top-level niches is to figure out what people are talking about and then research whether it is something that has lasting power or just a passing fad. If it is a controversial topic, it may be good for generating traffic in the short-term, but it can also fade out of the public consciousness quickly.

You can also consider entering one of the classic and evergreen Hot Niches. With these you can’t go wrong, there’s money being made as we speak in all these areas, so if you are familiar or know something about one them, you can definitely use it for your promotions.

These niches never go out style, even if the topics themselves or even terminology may change within them. For instance, a few years back, finance and making the most amount of money on your investments was HOT! – Now, the recession years has taken a toll on the finance niche, but not for those who are focusing on debt relief for example. There's always something you can find.

So, keep that in mind if you choose any of the following classic niches, and try to keep it tailored to the social environment around you. Here are some great top-level niches worth exploring:
  • Health care
  • Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Credit
  • Social media
  • Pets
  • Education
  • Jobs
  • Mortgages

Just keep in mind, while these niches are all good and you will make money in any of them; you also need to find a sub-niche not as broad as the above. 

So, what you want as a “top-level niche” is an overall market and a specific subject within that overall market for a "sub-niche". The sub-niche is very important because you will need to look for sub-niches where you can promote both physical products (i.e. products on Amazon) as well as digital products (such as Clickbank offers) to a targeted demographic.

This is key, because you’ll be driving traffic to product focused pages rather than your general top-level Niche Market.

So, don’t over-complicate things, you will not need any data analysis at this point, you already know there are products and money is being made in your top-level niche. Simply research top-level markets thinking about what products (both digital & physical) people buy in them.

Again, it can be something you have some experience or interest, whether in the real world, or in a business sense.

Here are some examples of top-level and sub-niches:

Top-level Niche:
    Your Sub-Niche:
       Physical Products:
       Digital Products:

Top-level Niche:
    Your Sub-Niche:
       Physical Products:
       Digital Products:

See how it works? – If you feel you need to do more research, there are so many great places to peek in online to see what is generating discussion all over the web (you'll find some resources below this article).

Second, the products, find out which ones are being search for by name

Before going further and start using the tools mentioned here, you need to already KNOW your niche, otherwise you’ll waste time. Use these tools once you have your top-level niche in place or just trust me and use one of the classic niches mentioned above. This is because, as we have mentioned, as an affiliate you need to focus on sending traffic to product driven pages within your top-level niche.

The Google Keyword Planner

You’ll need a Google AdWords account to get into the data dashboard, but don’t worry it is free to join. This tool continues to be so useful. Google AdWords is the advertisers part of the Google affiliate program. Use this tool to figure out what keywords are being searched more in your niche, and better yet, try and find out if there are products being searched for by name

This is where the rubber meats the road and knowing the market and having previous experience in the niche you selected becomes so valuable, because if you know something about the niche, most likely you already know the products in it. 

You can type in the product name in the Google keyword planner box and instantly find out if the product is being searched for by name, how many searches, keyword value, etc. This is so powerful because is not the same thing to search for “Muscle Building Equipment” then to search for “Weight Lifting Hooks” and even better (if you know the niche) search for a specific type or brand of “Weight Lifting Hook” which will have better payouts and less competition so later you can build your affiliate pages accordingly.

The Amazon Product Directory

An almost hidden in plain sight tool is the located at: - Amazon Product Directory

This is super useful to find physical products of course. The amazon associates program has been around since the dawn of the Internet and continues to thrive today. You can start promoting specific products here.

Advanced tip: What if you find a wholesaler that sells, for the sake of continuing with our niche example, Weight Lifting Hooks, and you become a distributor, you can then sell your own brand of hook in your website or through amazon and even include similar equipment later.

The Clickbank Marketplace

The counterpart of amazon in the sense that this one is focused on digital products such as eBooks, training guides, video tutorials, etc. - clickbank

Clickbank is a digital marketplace where sellers of info products pay generous commissions to affiliates. Joining is free and you can browse thousands of products for different niches.

In case you still have trouble finding top-level niches or products, you don’t have to stick to Amazon and Clickbank, there are other resources you can use to get ideas or find products such as:
  • AliExpress: The China marketplace, works much like amazon, and there’s tons products to get ideas, sell or even import at cheap prices.
  • Niche Magazines: Browse through niche magazines, blogs, newsletters and publications specializing on specific topics and find profitable niches.
  • LULU, This site is great for reviewing book categories and get ideas on products. 

The resources provided here do not do justice to all the possibilities available when brainstorming our first top-level niche, sub-niche and products to promote using affiliate marketing, but it is meant to get your mind juices flowing and set you in the right thinking for developing your strategy correctly. 

Start with the different types of networks mentioned, find market and put the product driven strategy into action and surely you'll generate your first commission online in the marvelous world of affiliate marketing.

Never Give Up!