Don’t be a Victim of Online Marketing and Embrace These 3 Crucial Concepts - Don't Be a Victim Of Online Marketing

1. Internet Marketing is a People Game

Because of the rather impersonal nature of the Internet, where anonymity is the name of the game, many Internet marketers often fail to remember that they are dealing with people – real people, with real needs, real expectations, real feelings, and real lives.

Because of this, many newbies in this industry fail to bag sustainable sales.  Worse, even if they manage to sell a few products here and there, they fail to capitalize on them.

What should be done is this? – Now more than ever, with technology allowing users to control the content and ads they see, with sites asking visitors permission to cookie them;  a personal relationship with your prospects/ customers should be established. 

Branding Yourself should be one of your primary goals.

One way to communicate and nurture your relationships especially as an affiliate; it’s your site's about-me page and support email or ticket system. Register your name as your main domain, build an about me page around it and personally communicate with your customers and assure them that you – the owner of the business – will be taking care of their questions and needs with any given product.

Especially if it as an affiliate product, this will make your customers feel more secure, knowing that the head honcho is on their case.  It can even be an overwhelming feeling that they’ll share with the people they know, and soon enough, you’ll have the reputation of a businessman who takes a hands-on approach.

And that is a good sign, in any business, in any playing field.

Also, one of the problems in doing online business is the fact that it’s harder to win the trust of your prospects because they can only rely on the words you type more often than not.
But, you can remedy that.

You can film yourself delivering a message to your visitors.  Or you can maintain a video blog, where you can update your visitors about the latest happenings in the industry you are tackling.

Now, some people may not be comfortable with the idea of filming video messages.  If you’re one of these people, Get Over That Fear and just do it.  Open a YouTube Channel and report your findings as you progress with your business and marketing efforts.

This is key, and one of the main reason people fail. Internet Marketing is a people game. Not Putting yourself out there is the main reason why most folks fall victim in the Online Marketing game. 

2. A sale is more than just a single purchase

Most marketers when starting out, usually treat a sale as the end-all and be-all of online business.  

Whenever your PayPal account registers a purchase, you rejoice.  After all, getting real money from a digital transaction is the pinnacle of success for Internet Marketers, and it is just a matter of collecting episodes of that success to turn in a profit, right?


A sale is when you touch base with your prospect.  It is when your relationship with him evolves into something deeper.  If you only see the sale for the profit it will yield, then you are just focused on 15% of what you can potentially earn.

The fact that a prospect decides to become your customer means a lot. It means that he has given you his trust. What does this mean?

Simple. -  It means that you’ll have an easier time winning his sweet “yes” if you invite him to try out your future products.

An estimate of over 60% of an online business’ total sales, on the average, comes from repeat customers.  Hence, it is very, very important that you KEEP IN TOUCH with the people who buy from you.

So how can you do this? - Consider the following suggestions:

  • Establish an excellent after-sales service that will provide magnificent support for any hitches that your customers may encounter when it comes to the products they have purchased.  This is your way of telling them that you continue to care, even after the sale has been consummated.  This is your way of telling them that you’re always open for business whenever they may need anything else.
  • Get their contact details.  Send them freebies from time to time.  Inform them of your special offers.  KEEP IN TOUCH.  Don’t allow them to forget you.
  • Capitalize on the point of sale (POS,) that moment when the would-be customer has drawn his credit card and is willing to buy.  This is the point when he is most amenable to additional offers you will make.  This is easy to neglect, but remember, a good portion of your total sales will come from upsells and the back-end strategy.

For subsequent offers, you can try tactics like back-selling and cross-selling.  Back-selling is the offering of existing products in your inventory.  Cross-selling is the offering of products – which may or may not be yours (as is the case if you’re an affiliate for a particular merchant) – which are relevant to what the customer has purchased.

A prospect doesn’t cease to be a prospect just because he has evolved into a customer.

Rather, the moment he becomes a customer, the more of a prospect he should be!

3. Aim for repeated visitors

Suppose you have all the marketing techniques rolling, and you are generating visitors, lots and lots of them in fact, to your website.

Does this mean that you can rest on your laurels and enjoy the success you are sure to attain?


Whatever success you will achieve will not be sustainable.  It will only be temporal.  It will be finite.
This is such a big loss, considering you can replicate that bit of success over and over and over again.  Yes, a visitor doesn’t have to visit your website just once.  He can visit your website as often as possible!

You see, relying on new visitors alone would be disastrous for your online business.

There will come a time when you will have exhausted every means to invite new users to visit your website, and you’ll be caught in a dead end.  You must have a system set up that will compel previous visitors to grace your web pages again.  This will give you the surely sustainable traffic that you will need.

A good estimate to consider is that only 2 out of 279 visitors, on the average, will decide to make a purchase.  What will you do with the other 277?

If you allow them to walk away, then chances are, you will lose them forever.  So the solution is simple… as much as possible, don’t let them walk away!

And How are you supposed to do this?

Veteran Internet marketers use a follow-up system to capture the contact details of their visitors so that they can somehow convince them to visit their websites again at a future time.  A follow-up system captures the email addresses of visitors and collects them in a subscription for a mailing list.  

The heart of every follow-up system is an excellent autoresponder service.  An autoresponder will allow you to prepare your messages beforehand and deliver them according to the schedule you set.  

Additionally, an autoresponder will also allow you to personalize your messages, well, automatically.  Your recipients will be referred to by their given names, and on certain occasions, the autoresponder will even greet them on their birthdays, and this kind of information is given to you once you have generated trust with your customers.  

This, added to the fact that an autoresponder will take care of the subscriptions on auto-pilot, makes it an essential investment for every online business.

But not all autoresponders are built alike.  Some are simply better than others.  Go pro here, and don’t look back. Either Aweber or Getresponse are the obvious choices to get you started.

and remember... Never Give Up!