Internet Marketing Mindset: Are you Spending or Investing? - The Road to Success

The road to success is never an easy one.

Let me share with you a little insider information, one which the Internet marketing gurus would rather be mum about: Internet marketing is NOT newbie-friendly.

Yes, Internet marketing can deliver on its promises of “passive income” and working in your pajamas from the comfort of your home. But there are certain requisites before you can reach that point.

So, it is very important the approach and the mindset you have when starting an online enterprise and learning to avoid disasters is a permanent characteristic of every online marketer.

But, what mistakes?

Well, it just so happens I have identified common perceptions and behaviors to avoid and certain actions to set you in the right Internet Marketing Mindset.

Just imagine:
  • How much time and effort you’d be able to save if you don’t have to learn from your mistakes
  • How much money you’d be able to save if you don’t have to suffer a defeat during the learning process
  • How much money you’ll be able to make if you’d start earning instead of waiting for a slip-up to remind you of what you should know.
Putting your act together and preparing your mind for absorbing the right information to learning how things work in the online business world will save you a lot of pain.

I'll be posting several articles with my findings. Here's the first one.

I don’t have a dime to spend!

When I first entertained the thought of earning some cash online, my mindset was not calibrated to spend a single cent on such an enterprise, aside from the costs associated with maintaining my beloved Mac-Book Pro and a stable Internet connection, my mindset was “I’m trying an online business because I don’t have enough capital to start a regular offline venue, after all I don’t have to spend a dime to sell on the Internet”.

Soon enough, I realized that this was the wrong mindset.

An online business is just like any other business.  It is an INVESTMENT, meaning, we must impart something – to plant something – so that we can see it grow.  After all, nothing develops in a vacuum.  Something should be there, from which progress will sprout.

The most common way to start an online business is to start out as an affiliate, simply because it gives you the opportunity to simply promote your link to the merchant’s sales page, and for every successful sale that you make, you’d earn a commission. This is Affiliate Marketing in a sentence!

BUT, to promote this link, you’d need a marketing strategy to advertise on social media, on blog posts, Facebook groups, forums, etc. Furthermore, you’d also need to build a website to pre-sell or review the product you are promoting on YouTube, add an opt-in page to capture your visitors’ email address, and all these pages need “a place to live” aka. a hosting server.

Yes, you can find free resources to do all these things, in today’s Internet Marketing world all you need to do is a Google search and you’ll find thousands of websites offering free tools, but this is where your approach and your mindset will become relevant.

You can only go so far running on FREE resources and if you do, after a few months you’ll discover that your earnings will be pitiable at best. Your Online Business, quite simply, won’t cut it and you’ll realize the primary mistake you are committing: refusal to invest.

Online Business just like any other business in this world requires an investment to start.  How much you’ll earn will depend on how much you are willing to spend on it; and this alone will set the tone on how you approach everything you do online. From creating content, to building your website, all the way to communicate with your customers.

Once money comes out of your pocket and get involved in the process everything changes, now you’ll find yourself truly committed to make every dollar spent count. Of course, you can start on low budgets to test the waters and minimize my expenses if you must, but if you are seriously starting a business, do commit to it.

The important thing to learn here is: Be willing to invest on YOUR business. Using professional tools speaks volumes of you and helps establish your brand and your offer quickly. Today’s Internet users are more tech savvy then 5 years ago. This raises the bar for everyone. People expect quality not just in your product or content, this is a given, but also during the opt-in, the purchase process, the aftermarket, the support and the whole user experience and interaction with your website.

So, change your Internet Marketing Mindset and approach everything you do in a professional way and save some investment money to get things moving.

Your Starting Investments

A good domain name. While this is simple to do. It’s not so simple to decide what domain name to use. Especially if this your first product. Here’s a short video to get you started on brainstorming for a brandable domain name

A reliable hosting service.  There are many hosting options out there, you can get started on a web hosting (Shared hosting) to save some money in the beginning. But, you might need to consider a managed VPS or dedicated hosting soon enough. Truth be told, these options are more expensive, but remember this: your customers want quality, eventually you’ll ask them to give you their personal information and credit cards to buy your product. Don’t you think you have a responsibility to offer the best at all times? - Of curse you do. And they’ll appreciate this. HostGator has good starting plans that you can grow later into more robust solutions for your business.

The creation and maintenance of a website.  A website, after all, would serve as your digital store. In today’s Internet Marketing, WordPress has earn a special place for building websites, while this is an open source program, there are many paid plug-ins and templates to make it better and offer a professional look and feel to your customers.

An E-mail Marketing system that would help you capture leads. There are many services and stand-alone solutions for this, but you want to stick to the Pros. Use GetResponse or Aweber, and forget everything else. This thing is so critical in Online Business and people play around with it too much. An e-mail marketing solution will serve as your main database of prospects and customers, it will allow you to follow-up and communicate with them via your autoresponder.

This database is the most precious possession of every online business owner. The money, YOUR money, will be generated from these lists, do you want to present it to your customers on a cheap and unmanaged platform? –  No, you want to use the best, because you will offer the best.

A Funnel solution. OK, think about this. You manage to find a perfect domain name for your product or business, you hire a reliable hosting service, build a great looking website and start capturing e-mail addresses from visitors and prospects. You have started getting the attention you want, and people begin to ask you about your product or service. And then, all a sudden you need to cross a line… A fine line that divides the successful online business owners from the mediocre ones, I call it the selling line.

Once you get actual sales (the kind that deliver real money to your bank or PayPal account), you now belong in a different category of marketer and as such, the bar has raised once more.
  • How are going to handle the sales? 
  • How do you know who bought which product, so you can cross-sell or up-sell later? 
  • How do you offer an affiliate program to your product? 
  • How do you offer one-time-offers, special discounts and coupons? 
  • How do you evolve and offer a membership service and create your own community? 
  • And ultimately, how do you ensure all these things happen in a secure environment?
Sounds like too much? – Well, you need to think about these things because once you start selling, there’s no turning back. Of course, you can maybe find a way to handle all this manually, copy the email address from PayPal, and maybe start an excel spreadsheet and manage your customers, invest in expensive apps or plug-ins to enhance your site step-by-step to accept money, pay your affiliates and partners, and see if you manage to make it work. 

And all of this you can maybe do it for a how many customers believe? –  20? 50?, 100? Maybe even 500? if you are very good with excel. What happens when you reach 1,000 sales? Or 10,000 sales? What happens when you offer not 1 but 10, 20 or 100 different products? How do you handle that?

This is where a Marketing Funnel solution comes in

There are several out there in the market, you can research via google but for Internet Marketing, the go-to solution is called Click Funnels. Google it, you'll easily find it, there's also a great resource that explains funnels like no other called ClickFunnel Converter, you can find all the information here.

Your Knowledge. The last one and the most important of all. Internet marketing is a constantly evolving industry.  The things we master today may become obsolete tomorrow.  The techniques that are popular now may be useless next week. It is important for every online businessman to learn how to constantly arm himself with the latest knowledge and information about doing business online.

It’s how you can remain competitive.

It’s how you can guarantee the sustainable profitability of your online venture.

What’s the most important asset of your online business? – YOU.

And You need to improve and know your stuff. Therefore, investing in your own knowledge along with the best tools mentioned is the perfect combination on your way to online success.

There are three basic skills every online marketer needs to learn first: affiliate marketinghow to generate passive income online and learning how to develop and nurture partnerships and relationships for the future.

Focus. Learn those skills. Join the community. Make this your starting point. Don’t wait.

In summary, this is the Internet Marketing Mindset you need: 

> Invest in YOU. 
> Invest in great tools.
> Provide professional services and products.

and most important: Never Give Up!

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