Internet Marketing Mindset: Setting the Record Straight | Ouroboros
Photo Credit: Amy Messere

While doing some research for writing my articles, I’ve been hanging out a lot in Internet Marketing FB Groups, YT Channels, Blogs, Newsletters and the like, and I was surprised to find out that in this day and age (July 2020), many people are still in peruse of the Internet Marketing Dream (a.k.a “instant riches”, “make money while you sleep”, “build a website and they’ll come”, etc.). 

This I know because there are tons of products and offers out there with the same headlines and copy than in 2010 and I wonder: Has the industry frozen for 10 years?

These findings reminded me of a lesson taught by Internet Marketing Virtuoso John Delavera, who taught me: Ouroboros, the ancient symbol of a serpent eating its own tail" and its relation with Internet Marketing.

The serpent represents the established Internet Marketing industry with segmented lists and demographic information and all the tools at its disposal, feeding on the hope of new comers to stay alive. A vicious cycle no less. 

The point of the lesson is to accept this and work with it. If in fact, the established gurus out there are still marketing this way, then we can conclude 2 things:

a). These methods still work: Which also means, this is still your ticket into the game, if you want to play. Observe what is going on and implement what is useful for your offer, eliminate the rest.

b). You are not limited by it: Internet marketing is a verb. It is a proactive word.  It requires action for it to come alive and feed your dreams and it starts long before creating a website or sending traffic to an offer. One of the most important and most overlooked aspects of Internet Marketing is your imagination. As much as this sounds as a cliché, you need to think outside the box and define your offer clearly: 
  1. What can you do different? 
  2. How are you creating more value to your subscribers and customers? 
  3. What are others not doing that you can do?
Answers these questions and chances are you’ll come up with awesome products and offers.

To work or not to work, that is the question.

Many entrepreneurs and Internet Marketing start-ups are of the mistaken belief that having their own online business will save them from the rigorous demands of a 9-to-5 job.

The thing is, having your own online business entails work.  You can’t just sit around and wait for the money to arrive once your online business is up and running.  No.  Having an online business is work and requires self-discipline and developing a better version of yourself each day.

The thing is, you’ll be your own boss.  You’ll decide the direction that your enterprise will take.  You have full control over your products and offers.  You have the say when it comes to the distribution of your goods and the conduct of your business.

But all these still entail work, and sometimes, a lot of work. To believe otherwise would be dangerous.

To put it bluntly, there is no such thing as an instant cash-generating machine.  There is no such thing as a method that will rake in profit forever and ever. What can be offered are systems that will give you the opportunity to earn money on the Internet, if you will work for it.

There are no “ifs” and “buts” about this.  You will have to work.  No exceptions.  If you don’t invest some effort in your online enterprise, it will sink before it can even take flight.

Remember this and hard-code it your mindset.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Still believing that a system will make you earn cash automatically as soon as you implement it would be a fatal, fatal mistake.  Once you read about a program that promises such, don’t fall for it, or, at the very least, take it with a grain of salt and remind yourself that everything you will earn online, you will have to work for.

Do question the establishment at all times.

But, what is true is that every Internet Marketer should aim for an automated system capable of taking care of itself and able to take in orders, process payments, and even deliver the goods that have been purchased.  

Some automated systems can also take care of post-sales services such as the processing of refund requests or the redemption of promised discounts and the like.

However, an automated system is not established by default.  In other words, automation does not come automatically.

Again, bad news. You’ll have to work for it.  You will have to do some things to build an automated system.  There will be some investments that will be required.  There will be some purchases that should be made.  There will be some sacrifices necessitated.

But it is true. The benefits of an automated system are astounding. While there is no system that will be able to take care of itself 100% of the time as it will require input from you in the form of adjustments, tweaks, tests, and acts of supervision.  It is possible to take a load off and leverage systems to take in orders, process payments, processing of refund requests and even deliver the goods that have been purchased.  

Such systems do exist, read more about it here.

In the end, the main thing not to forget when setting your Internet Marketing Mindset straight is that in all cases you will be dealing with people – real people – sending you real money, and how you relate to them can never be usurped by any machine.

Never Give Up!