Procrastination: The Worst of all Bad Online Marketing Habits

What is Procrastination

An Internet Marketer’s life is no bed of roses. Long hours are needed to create promotions and offers, create content for a newsletter and setup the email marketing campaigns, post in social media sites, send traffic to the offers, develop fellowships with other online owners, etc. The list could on and on. 

Mastering all these skills is crucial for success. But, beyond the internet marketing knowledge you must possess an entirely different set of skills to reach success online. These abilities are mostly mindset oriented because they have to do with dropping bad Online Marketing Habits and must also be harnessed to avoid failure.

One of the worst success stoppers is known as procrastination. Procrastination is defined by Wikipedia as “the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished” and it is one of the most common barriers to reach success for Internet Marketers, entrepreneurs and online business owners alike. 

In today’s Internet Marketing world, we all have so many things to do, we are flooded with information in our inboxes, social media sites, youtube, etc. it is increasingly important to know how to manage your time.  

It is crucial to learn how to manage the emotional reactions you have when you need to do something that you:

a) Don’t want to do
b) Don’t like to do
c) Think you just can’t do. 

There are many reasons why we procrastinate. Often, we don’t start something because we don’t think we can do it well enough or are not good at it.  For some people, there is a deep rooted psychological reason for not doing things. For others, it can just be a question of realizing that you don’t enjoy doing something, or really dislike doing something. 

It is important to find out your own reasoning for putting things off, as this is the best way to devise methods of overcoming the problems of procrastination.

There are all sorts of ways in which we can overcome procrastination.  Not addressing the problem can be very life damaging.  Procrastination can easily become habit forming, and can have a serious impact on our life, the lives of the people around you, and ultimately your health, both physical and mental.

Methods of overcoming procrastination from doing a little bit of self-analysis to work out why we put things off; using some basic time and job planning; to getting proper behavioral therapy.  

For most people tough, it is a question of establishing that there are underlying emotional links between the tasks you put off and your inability to deal with them.  

Procrastination: The Internet Marketer's Kryptonite

Spending some time seriously questioning your feelings, as well as your actions, is helpful. We also need to recognize that only Superman is likely to both enjoy and be good at everything (and even him was weaken by Kryptonite).  It is not to your detriment that you are not good at everything.  Your self-esteem does not need the hammering if you accept that there are aspects of life that you are not good at, or just plain don’t like dealing with. 

Procrastination: The Internet Marketers Kryptonite
Photo Credit: RM Tunick

Procrastination is every Internet Marketer’s Kryptonite, so if you are ever close to it, learn to identify it. For example: If you know you are not particularly good at web design, accept that, you are more likely better off spending an hour or two on hiring a graphic designer and outsource the job then to spend hours and hours trying to do it yourself to end up putting it off altogether and the job does not get done for many weeks to follow.

Take the emotion and the fear out of the equation, and suddenly it’s a whole lot easier.  When you suddenly feel that sinking sensation, don’t get up and find something else to do. Stop, and think about why it is you need to do this job. Think about the fact that, in deciding to do the job, you are doing something that will improve your life and something that is in your best interests.

The worst thing you can do if you are a procrastinator is to do nothing.  The best thing is to begin by putting some effort into understanding why you do it, and by establishing some straightforward organizational rules about how to use your time.

Facing it. The First Step.

Find a time each day when you will deal with something that you know you don’t want to do.  Give yourself a pat on the back when you have put in the time – even if you haven’t finished the job completely.  What you have achieved is important – you have made a start, and you have not run away from it.

However, for some people, there are deep seeded reasons for putting things off, or just not dealing with things at all.  Some people have a subconscious reaction resulting from over controlling parents perhaps.  Some have a deep-rooted fear of failure, which has led to a resistance when dealing with certain tasks. Some people are frightened of not doing something perfectly.  

It might be painful to establish the reasons why we procrastinate, but it will certainly help to spend some time thinking it through.   There are lots of straightforward ways of helping yourself improve your ability to deal with the million and one things that need to be done to be an Internet marketing success story.  

Getting to grips with the idea that better time management, better task management and better self-management is about getting the best out of life.  Wasting time is not in our best interests.  Don’t let procrastination be your Kryptonite and certainly don’t be afraid of it, confront it and get it out of your life!