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So, you have decided to try out Marketing Online looking for extra income.

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Well, affiliate marketing, without a doubt, continues to be the quickest and easiest way to make money online, either to complement your current income or to make it your main income stream altogether and become a Black-belt affiliate marketer.

But, first you need to understand the Mindset behind Internet Marketing and go through some entry level information and understand how the Internet works and how to enter the affiliate marketing and online business world  to boast your monthly income and rip the benefits such as:
  • Minimum to zero financial investment to start out
  • A variety of programs and online business ventures to choose from
  • Unlimited number of programs to join
  • Extravagant earnings and commission  schemes ranging from 20% to even 100% of the selling price;
  • Get paid as you produce results.  You’re not handcuffed by time, you can work at your own pace
  • No limit as to how much you can earn.
Because of these amazing benefits, millions of online users have tried their hands in affiliate marketing. However, make no mistake, affiliate marketing gives you whatever you put into it in terms of time, effort and investment. But, you can succeed through these easy 7-steps.

Affiliate Marketing in 7-steps

 Allow me to reveal to you the 7-steps
  1. Choose a subject or niche (as the experts call it)
  2. Choose a good affiliate program
  3. Building your website (this is the easy part)
  4. Formulate and describe your sell proposition or offer (what benefits do you offer)
  5. Create and distribute a free or viral product (to build your customer list)
  6. Creating and distributing your Content
  7. Implement an email marketing system

A New Era of Affiliate Marketing for 2020 & Beyond

As a new decade starts, building website with the intent of making affiliate commission money is a bit different than it used to be a few years back. Ten years ago the game was completely different. Google algorithm keeps changing at a geometric rate, linking strategists no longer work, and a website that used to be on top of the search engines it's not the case today. 

However, throughout the years there is a pattern, a 7-step plan, we'll be discussing this plan in depth in this blog's future posts as well the missing component that makes 90% of aspiring Internet marketers fail... the Mindset and preparation to be successful in this arena. For now, all you need to know is: YES, affiliate marketing still works and continues to be a perfectly achievable target for everybody that wants to try it and give it an honest and serious effort.

Of course, there are other online businesses out there that will help you become a true Affiliate Marketer, and we'll discuss those as well in future posts, but just to give you a heads up of what's coming, we'll review:
  • Affiliate Marketing in full depth.
  • Info Product Creation
  • Kindle & the Amazon White Label Business
  • Fiverr for quick profits
  • Local Marketing (for niches)
  • Udemy and teaching your skills online

Each one of those constitutes a true income opportunity for the new decade to come and we'll try to put together as much free information for you in coming months. Meantime, have a nice day and..

... Never Give Up!