A Word On Targeted Traffic

Many actually believe that the success of an online business depends on the number of visitors it is able to generate for its website.

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This is not true.

What’s important is not the quantity of visitors.  Rather, the quality of the visitors is what counts.

There is a world of difference between general untargeted traffic and targeted traffic.


It refers to the volume of people that you have specifically aimed for in your marketing campaigns.  These are the people who have the highest likelihood of purchasing your products.

For example, if your online business is catering to dog grooming, you will have to aim for dog owners.  If dog owners visit your website, you could say that you’re successful in generating targeted traffic.  

Being able to garner targeted traffic will require some marketing research.  Knowing where your target market can be found is an essential first step.  

Concentrating your marketing strategies to this target market will fetch for you quality visitors who have a greater possibility of being converted into paying customers.


On the other hand, refers to the volume of visitors which you have tried to win en masse, meaning, your marketing strategies focused on generating general traffic regardless of the demographics and projected preferences of your market.

It is easier to garner untargeted traffic, but the percentage of successful sales you will get from them will be substantially smaller.  It’s still worth a try, however, traffic at its core is still a numbers game.

Before deciding on which marketing strategies to employ, you have to study what kind of traffic would be best for your online business?

If your online business relies on the sheer number of visitors to, say, click on your PPC ads, then quantity is very much superior to quality.

But if your online business is about selling products, then you need targeted, if not highly targeted, traffic.  

Conversion rate should be your main concern.  

Conversion rate refers to the number of purchases you will win vis a vis the number of prospects you will be able to generate.  

A lower volume of traffic composed of highly targeted prospects will yield a higher conversion rate when compared to a high volume of traffic composed of general visitors.

Research all you about conversions. It will change the way you set up your online business as well as the tasks you focus on. 

Converting visitors to subscribers, subscribes to buyers, buyers to recurring income and scaling it up is what the Internet Marketing game is all about.

Don't forget that.

And Never Give Up!