Branding Your Internet Marketing Business

It used to possible to make a living online without being well known or having a personal reputation. It still is for some people that “fly under the radar” and crank out a decent income without anyone ever really knowing who they are. - Brand Your Internet Marketing Business

But for Internet Marketing, if you want to move up to the ladder of success, it’s important to be someone. It’s important to start generating a reputation and for people to associate you with quality, high ethical standards, success and the ability to deliver the best possible products or services.  In other words, it’s good to be a name brand.

You want people to know who you are and to take you seriously.  You want to be the kind of person with whom they want to do business.  The advantages to being recognized and respected are impressive.

You can begin to network with other marketers and online entrepreneurs at the top.  That gives you the opportunity to engage in profitable joint ventures and to create business arrangements that will open the doors to greater success.

You can attract clients and customers to you instead of trying to chase them down.  The recognized and well-branded players in the field get business based on their reputation for excellence and their powerful presence.  

When people see your name and your products everywhere, they at least know of you. You can almost guarantee affiliate link approvals & profitable JV projects.  

If you’re not on the map, every new product launch is a cause for alarm.  Will you be able to attract traffic?  Will your offer convert?  Will people be receptive to your bonuses?  Are you going to turn a profit or will this be a business-crushing loser?  

When you have name recognition and a solid reputation, on the other hand, you can rest assured that your offers will attract enough attention and sales that you don’t need to worry about a wipe-out.  

The big names rarely find themselves losing a great deal with a big launch.  That business shows up because they’re already recognized.

When you’ve successfully branded yourself, you can stop trying to eke out a living and you can start cashing the big checks.  It’s the difference between making a living in the minor leagues and signing a multi-million dollar free agent contract to play in the majors.  You move up the ladder to a completely different level of success.

Now, it would be outlandish to say that good branding alone will make you into a huge success.  At some point, you do need to be able to “put your money where your mouth is”, you know what I mean? 

You actually need to deliver the goods and to show people that your products or services are worthy of their attention and their money.

Assuming you can hold up that end of the bargain, smart branding and the creation of a massive web presence will elevate your game.  

The interesting thing is that creating a solid reputation and branding yourself isn’t very difficult.  It does require some time and effort, but it isn’t especially complicated.  

Your Name is Your Brand

While you can create a brand and even associate that brand to your company. For Internet Marketing Your Name is Brand. This means getting your name out there in as many places as possible.

You want to become a force with which to be reckoned.  You want to be peeking around every corner.  You want your name to come up with every discussion related to your field. This means you will want to create a truly massive presence.  Your name needs to be up front in all of your efforts.  

Don’t use handles or clever screen names.  Use your own name instead.  Claim your name’s .com domain or one that includes your name and use it as your primary website.  When setting up free web pages, traffic profiles, etc. use your own name.

Change your Social Media accounts and use your real name, or at least let them contain your name. Branding isn’t just about plopping your little personal virtual billboards wherever and whenever you can.  It’s about being professional and  becoming a highly regarded member of your field’s community, too.  

One way of insuring you do that is to be responsive to others.

If you leave a comment somewhere and someone responds with something interesting or insightful (or if they have a question of you), return to engage in the dialog. 

This opens up new networking opportunities while allowing you to display your knowledge and ability.  It also shows people that you have a genuine interest in your field and that you’re excited about being a major figure in your niche.

Get involved with the conversation and be an active participant in your niche.  That’s one of the very best ways of branding yourself.

Never Give Up!

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