Selling The Rights To Resell or Modify Your Digital Product

Selling "Rights" To Your Product - Resell Rights

In different posts in this blog we have previously discussed about creating and selling you own digital product. All that discussion is under the assumption that you will sell only the “personal rights” to your product – meaning, the right to USE the content your product, learn from it and implement the tactics exposed.

In the Digital Marketing world there's a lot more ways you can use your products. It is important to stress when I say YOUR Products. You can decide to sell not only the product itself but also the rights to resell, edit/modify, give away, include as bonus, etc. to you own product. Since the product is yours, you can decide to do so as you see fit.

Be careful though, it is important to remember you can decide to this with your own products, you can also do this with other people's digital property if you have previously purchased the RIGHTS to do so. The extend of the rights you get are usually explained in the license file that comes with the rights purchase.

So, let's say you have a video tutorial course or training to sell for, say, $97.

Sell 10 copies and you’d have $970.  Sell a hundred copies and you’d have $9,700.

Impressive, isn’t it?

But here’s the deal: your market is finite. Especially if you launch your product in the major affiliate platforms like or, usually the first 3-5 days sales will come in but there will come a point when sales will slow down.  And a point even further down the road when sales will even stop for a few days, a few weeks, and even a couple of months.  Your product isn’t for everybody, and once it sells to the majority of your market, your profit rate will slow down.

So what should a savvy Internet marketer do?

When a slowdown in sales transpires, he strongly considers selling the resale rights to his product.

Overall, there are 4 categories of rights, although there are sub categories with specif things you can and can not do depending of what the vendor specifies in the license:

A. Personal rights; you can only use the product. All content is copyright material and you cannot reproduce it or sell it in any way.

B. Resale rights – you get the right to sell the product for profit, but you must not modify the content, basically you can resell it as it is and your customers get only Personal Rights. In other words, the customers of the reseller cannot resell the product.

C. Master resale rights – You get the right to sell the product as well as the right to sell the resale rights or even the master resale rights to it (depending on the license specification). In general, Master Resell Rights means you can pass (or sell) the right the resell the product. So the customers of the reseller can also resell the product themselves or even pass the right to resell as well. All this depends on what the vendor allows in the license you purchase.

D. Private label rights – PLR comes with the right to alter, change, and modify the product in any manner that the holder of the right desires. There are some restrictions tough. And this varies depending on what the main vendor defines. You can get PLR to a digital product but it doesn't necessarily mean you can use as you please. The license comes with specific things you can and can not do. 

For example, you can get PLR to the video tutorials mentioned in the beginning, this usually means you get the transcripts, audios, videos, graphics, etc. and you can edit/modify them in any way you wish for branding and reselling purposes, but there might be a term specifying that you can't give the product away as a bonus. You can even find the MASTER PLR element;  which basically allows you to pass (or sell) the Private label rights to your customers.

Be careful with the PLR terms and use the product ethically. Main vendors do track this and eventually will find out if you don't comply with the terms, you might get away with it a couple of times but in the long run this will hurt your reputation so it's not worth the risk, especially when you can find tons of products with the rights you need. 

For Digital Marketing Product Rights please remember:

• A product that is sold with resale, master resale, or private label rights can be sold at a higher price.  This is because, aside from the product, you will also be selling a moneymaking opportunity that will allow the buyers to earn from the item they purchase.

• A product that is sold with resale, master resale, or private label rights will target an entirely different market.  Not only will you be able to cater to the original market that the product was made for, you will also be able to cater to the Internet Marketing community that is always on the lookout for earning opportunities to pursue.

Some caveats, however, when it comes to resale rights marketing:

• Offering resale, master resale, or private label rights to your product will ultimately produce more competitors for you.

• Offering resale, master resale, or private label rights to your product will not entitle you to any royalties for every subsequent sale that is made.

• Offering resale, master resale, or private label rights to your product can potentially devalue it because, with the number of merchants who will be able to sell it, it can easily saturate the market.

As the Vendor of Digital Rights property. Yes, Resale Rights marketing can make your venture even more profitable.  There is a big, big market for resale rights products out there. Just be conscious of what you are doing and align the mindset of each product you tour main marketing strategy. Every step should be threaded with care, every decision should be analyzed well, and every facet of the product’s market value should be studied thoroughly.

As the Customer of Digital Rights property. Use the products ethically. Honor the terms you have purchased. There are many ways to use, edit, brand, repackage the products and make them look unique and customize them to your promotions, so no need to break the terms anyway. Also, do respect the suggested prices. You see guys selling bundles of digital products for 0.99, unless it is specifically noted in the terms, please don't do that. That only kills the value and the market for everyone.

Hopefully this clarifies the world of Digital Marketing Rights.

Until next time... Never Give Up!