The Affiliate Marketing Race

As an affiliate, you’ll be competing with A LOT of people. - The Affiliate Marketing Race

Specially if you after launches and hot products in the market. Market saturation is imminent; there is no mistake about that assumption.  So it becomes a race – the first one who convinces people to buy the vendor’s products has the highest chance of succeeding.

The Affiliate Marketing Race

So, how can you compete with that many competitors? - It’s not as if you’re selling a different product and you’re providing variety in the market.


You’re selling the very same product hundreds of other people will be selling. In some cases, you might even be using the same email or video promos available from the vendor's JV page.

So how can you succeed?

By making the product your OWN, of course.

Making Your Affiliate Products Unique

The trick is to “put your own twists into things.”

This is a reiteration of the principle of the so-called unique selling proposition, or USP for brevity.  The USP isn’t a complicated concept at all.  It’s in fact very simple.

The USP states that you should be able to personalize an offer to make it unique and if possible better than the rest.  Hence, you may be selling the same product to the same market, but if you can add something that will make your offer stand out, you’d naturally increase your chances in competitive markets.  People will start noticing you more, and they will buy from you instead of buying from others.

In short… making your offer unique is tantamount to putting your own twist into things.

Take for example a Warrior Plus Launch offer promoting a software or video course.  During the 5-day launch there might be an average of 2,000 affiliates promoting it (give or take), maybe more if it's a product from one of the main vendors of that site.  

The product's front offer sells for $12 dollars most likely with 100% commissions and up-sells at 50% commissions  that go from $47-$97 and might even include high-end or DFY offers at the end of the funnel for $497-$997. That alone can bring you $250-$500 per sale. 

Now, how can you successfully make people click on your affiliate link instead of other people’s links?

Well, for starters, add something that will make your offer more valuable. There are countless, countless ways by which you can accomplish this.  The limit is really your imagination.  Let those creative juices flow and see for yourself how far this tactic can take you.

Bonuses Will Make People Take Notice

One of the most popular "uniqueness" applications is the act of adding bonuses to the offer.  If you have other products that you would like to give away to people who order through your affiliate link, then announce it immediately.

This will add to the value of your offer.  When compared with the bare offers of other affiliates, yours will truly shine.

People will order from you.

People will thank you for putting together a wonderful package.

And people will trust you enough to order from you again.

There are many sources for the bonuses you can include.  Let’s take a look at some of them:

•  Products which you have created yourself.  If you already have some products YOU have created or you have asked a freelancer to create and you have exclusive rights to;  you can choose to run special bonus offers using them. This is so powerful because a). Nobody can offer your products and b). Nobody can offer your products. (the repeat wasn't a mistake :)

Products which you acquired with their master resale rights or private label rights.  This is the next best thing to offering YOUR products. You can modify your existing PLR products, repackage them and make them look unique in your offers. 

Buy Products that can be added as bonuses.  This one may add to your expenses but if you are just starting out and don't have any products to offer; go to and do a search for: "[YES] * offered as a bonus" Simpy copy and paste that red text in the google search box and you'll get tons of results for products you can buy today and the author gives you the right to add the product as a bonus

•  Offering Discounts or FREE Access. Another way to make your promotions unique is offering discounts or free access to YOUR future products. Let's say, you are promoting an offer now and you have an upcoming launch in the next month. You can offer free access to your future product and get the commissions now!

Be Creative, Be Different

Of course you are not limited to the options presented above. As we have mentioned before and in other articles in this blog; your imagination is key and there are no limits to what you can do when creating offers to promote affiliate products.

Add your OWN personal touch on your offers to make them totally different and totally special, create matching written and video reviews then, you’d be able to capture the interest of the members of your market, and such is the start of a fruitful affiliate marketing carrier for you.

Never Give Up!