Your Own Website vs. Your Affiliate and Reseller Sites

Ok, let's talk about Digital Marketing and how it works. - Having Your Own Website

Although having a website is not a requirement, it certainly helps. A website is the platform where you can present information and sell your product or service. 

There are two types of websites: 1) one that you create yourself, or hire a designer to create for you; 2) one provided to you by another marketer or a company you represent (reseller sites). These types of sites are also known as affiliate or mirror websites. 

Creating your own website provides you with the luxury of presenting whatever type of information you desire. It is your responsibility to write content, locate appropriate graphics, and make certain you post the proper legal disclaimers, etc.

Using a reseller or affiliate site limits your ability to alter content, offer promotions, or build a customer mailing list. For the most part, the only thing you can do with this type of website is direct traffic to it in an attempt to make sales. 

Managing Your Own Website

When it comes to Digital Marking, having a website is a powerful tool. It can also be a huge headache.

Today's technologies allow nearly everyone the opportunity to build a professional looking website. Most companies who offer web building services offer monthly payment plans, making it affordable and convenient.

Tools are included which allow website owners to upload audio and video files; and allow visitors to download digital goods. At the press of a button you can add an interactive forum or chat room and engage visitors in real-time conversation. 

A website is the perfect location to capture visitors' email addresses. Each page of your website should include a subscription box and a "thank you" gift. This is a powerful marketing technique we'll discuss later.

Building a website is no easy task. There are specific strategies that must be employed to achieve high rankings at the various search engines. 

If you gather information or collect cookies, you need to state what you do and how you do it. If children are allowed to submit information, you must comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. 

When individuals provide their email address, you need to post a privacy policy and inform them of the measures you are taking to keep their information safe. Compliance in CANSPAM is required when you publish a newsletter. 

While all of this may appear overwhelming, do not let is stop you from moving forward with your plan. 

Do your research and you'll find answers to all these requirements. There are numerous resources available to teach you how to design a website and write compelling copy. However, there's one secret to writing compelling copy that few of the gurus will tell you. Would you like to know what it is?

Write from your heart. 

I know, it sounds incredibly simple doesn't it? If you can extract your passion for your product or service and put it into words on your website, you are well on your way to achieving the success you desire.

It doesn't matter what you are selling or how much it costs. If you are able to tap into the needs of your customers and provide them with the solution to their problem; and if you are willing to pamper them and give them outstanding customer service, than you can be sitting on top of a gold mine.

Managing an affiliate or reseller site

Reseller programs and affiliate marketing programs are a good example of mirror sites. When you become a distributor for these types of products or companies, oftentimes you are provided with a replicate site.

This replicate site looks exactly like the company website. The only difference is an identifier is added to the domain name. 

Mirror sites contain the same information as the main website. Adding your name or slug to the URL is a tracking device used by the company to know which representative made the sale. 

Using mirror sites can be convenient, and if you choose the right products or companies to work with, they can be profitable as well.

If you use reseller or affiliate site that you have no control over it, it's recommended that you purchase a domain name and redirect it to the mirror URL. For instance, when selling cosmetics you might purchase a domain name such as or 

Some domain providers allow you the option of "masking" your domain. What this means is when people type in and are redirected to your affiliate or reseller site, they will never see the vendor domain in the address bar. 

Many affiliate marketing programs use exceptionally long and complicated URL's. In this case, it's doubly important to purchase a simple domain name. People have a tendency to shorten the domain name or cut off the part that looks unfamiliar to them. When they do this, you lose out on commissions. 

Domain names can be purchased for a few dollars. It's a wise investment when engaging in network marketing or affiliate marketing. 

Do your homework when choosing to promote these types of products and programs. Visit the websites and read the policies. How do they handle customer service? What are their terms of service? Do they engage in ethical marketing practices? 

Check the stats in the  main platforms, you also search Facebook to learn more about what people are saying about the offer you want to promote.

Remember, you will be referring people to this offer. If you are aware of unethical behavior and continue to promote the product, you are setting yourself up for failure. While quick money might be tempting, when it comes to doing business online, your reputation can be ruined in an instant. Choose your partners carefully or it could come back to haunt you.

If you are promoting several affiliate programs or network marketing organizations, it's a good idea to have your own website. You can showcase all of your affiliations in one central location or create mini websites for each. The opportunities to market and promote are endless.

Before you can market and promote your products or services, you need to locate people who are interested in what you offer. Just because you have a website, doesn't mean you will have an instant flood of traffic. 

Digital Marketing Traffic Strategies

There are countless ways to drive traffic to your web site including: 

  • Pay-per-click advertising: You buy a keyword and pay a certain amount for each visitor who clicks on that link and is sent to your site.
  • Organic search engine listing: Your site appears at the top of non-sponsored listings on a search engine through the use of search engine optimization techniques.
  • Well-written electronic newsletter that is published on a regular basis.
  • Submission of articles on topics related to your target market.
  • Regularly post entries to a blog aimed at your target market.

When it comes to Digital Marketing, the possibilities are endless. At the same time, it's easy to catch a bad case of "Overwhelm-itis", so take things slow and know that everything you want to do will still be there when you are ready to do it.

Creating a strong online presence takes patience and time. Make a plan and research the elements you want to incorporate into your Digital Marketing plan. Everything you need to know is available online or at your local PLR library. (I'm sure you have tons of information in your hard drive already.. Use It!) 

Last, but not least you might want to subscribe to your competitor's newsletters, or autoresponder courses. Visit their website and review the techniques they are using. This is NOT to say that you should copy anything from their marketing materials. You should use this information only as a guide to see what is already being done in the marketplace.