5 Tips To Create an Awesome Email Subject

Your email subject sentence will certainly stand out, and your email will be opened if you make it unique, useful to the reader, and focused on what your subscribers either need to know or want to know.

You are probably already aware of those things. The following tips may not be so obvious to you.

1. Use your real name. 

This means using your own personal name, not some random or misleading name. People buy from you because they trust you and know of you (as much as possible in the Internet world). So, it is safe to say that ANY name that's not your own personal name leads your visitors and readers to mistrusting you or ignoring you. Of course, it goes with saying that you should also use your subscribers first name. It's important to add a personal touch to all you communications.

2. Your name is your Brand

Remember, each time you send an email you are representing your brand and building customer loyalty. Talk as if you are talking to your friends but be respectful and genuinely try to help folks. Especially in the Make Money Online Niche, there's way too many con artists out there. So, when people find an honest marketer, it makes an impact and speaks very highly of you.

3. Don't use misleading tactics

Never misrepresent your email by including misleading comments that have no relevance to your subscriber's actions (“Your order is complete” or “Here's Your First Commission"). I get it. You want the open rates and the clicks but is it usually those false claims will undoubtedly lead to readers ignoring you or even hating you. You can pull it off when you have nurtured your list for a long time and "your people" know you well enough to understand the nature d the business. But for most guys stating out this can be a dangerous game that might lead to a lot of people clicking the "Unsubscribe" button.

4. Scarcity is more than valid

While misleading people is a turn off, creating a sense of urgency every once in awhile is completely ok. Just don't over do it. Do NOT say “time is running out!” or “there are only a few copies left!” in every email. Making these kinds of statements all of the time will lead to subscribers catching on and realizing that you are not telling the truth. But you can use legitimate scarcity to increase conversions. Marketers are used to it and for the most part we all understand how the game works. 

5. Keep it short and to the point

Internet Marketing moves fast. It's a speed game. No need to write long emails or come up with big stories. Save that for your most valued customers at very specific times you can share your personal messages if you wish. And you should do that anyway. It only helps with your relationship with your list. However, for promos and letting people know of your most recent release or an affiliate product that you recommend, try to condense your emails as much as possible. Remember, the overwhelming majority of your readers will be reading from their smartphone. Tell them what is all about, why should they care about the product or how it can help them and give them the link. That's about it.

In summary: Be Real. Be You. And those promotions going.

Never Give Up!