Your Internet Marketing Journey in Social Media

Tell Your Story and Use Social Media - Tell Your Internet Marketing Story in Social Media

Your story as an Internet Marketer is going to become a very important part of your branding when you start using the social media networks to talk about what you have to sell or to share with others.

From Facebook to Twitter, you can make sure that everyone in your friends list & followers not only knows about your products and your services, but hey also know about YOU.

Why Social Networks are Crucial for Internet Marketing

From big companies to individual marketers, everyone who wants to succeed is using social media to help themselves be seen. And you can too.

There are many different benefits to using social media:

It’s free.

It’s more casual.

It’s easy to configure to your needs.

You’re probably already using it.

Your customers are already using it.

You can reach customers around the world.

You can set up an account in minutes.

Social media is not just for talking with friends, posting memes or for finding out who likes who, you can use these networks to help your business begin to grow and to reach people you can’t reach in any other way.

Tips & tricks to make Things Work

You can use social media more effectively when you follow these tips and tricks:

Have more than one account: You want to make sure you have a presence on all the social media networks.

Be active: Make sure you stay engaged in the conversations when you are using social media.  You need to use these accounts often.

Link your account: Many times you can link your accounts so that you can have one post be seen on all of your accounts without having to type it in several times.

BUT, you should have unique posts: Yes, it’s easier to have the same post for all of your accounts, but people will realize this.  Make sure you also include different posts to ensure that people aren’t getting bored.

Use all of the business tools: From lists to pages to groups and more, make sure you find all of the different options that businesses can use in order to spread the word.

Have separate accounts from your personal account: At first you might want to use your personal Facebook account, for example, but once you get more comfortable, it’s better to have a Facebook account for your friends and one for your business.

Social media is simple and easy to use.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. You can get started today with your own personal accounts but you don't have to stop there. There's nothing preventing you from having multiple accounts for your promotions.

The Most Popular Networks are of course Facebook and Twitter.

About Facebook

As the most popular social media network right now, Facebook is helping businesses and people connect. You can use a number of different tools in the Facebook program:



Status updates

Link postings

Picture postings

Photo albums

Twitter applications

You can set up your Facebook page to be ready to post any information you want to post about your business.

First, you can create a business page. You will then create a page for your webpage, one that works a lot like your normal Facebook page.

You can post pictures of your products or you can just post status updates to entertain your customers and fans.

You can also use the site to talk with customers about problems or other concerns. Use Facebook to:

Like other businesses.

Send messages to customers.

Show customer new products before they go on your site to see whether they are going to be good sellers.

Share your website link as often as possible.

Write notes about your store.

Share news links about related topics.

Start conversations about issues related to your products.

Share special discounts that only Facebook group members can use.

Share pictures of yourself.

Post instructions to items you sell.

You can use Facebook for more than just poking people. You can share your business with a lot of people all at once, helping to establish you as a business people might want to shop at.

About Twitter

Twitter is another way you can interact with customers in a more personal way.  In just 140 characters, you can talk about business, share links about your business, or pictures.

This is called microblogging and while it’s little, the tweets can go a long way. Here are some ways to make Twitter work for you:

Post interesting tweets

Post often.

Include keywords in your quotes.

Use hash tags (#) in your quotes with keywords: i.e. #frogs

Connect to your Facebook account so you can post things all over.

Interact with other Twitter accounts.

Respond to DMs.

Response to @ messages.

Follow other businesses that do the same things you do.

You can alternatively use Twitter scheduler programs to schedule tweets for times when you’re in bed or when you’re not going to be at a computer.

Twitter allows you the chance to be engaged in short bursts of time, which might be just what your business needs order to stay on top of the online adventurer game. No matter what social media options you use, people your age are going to be on these sites too.

And since you already know what people your age want, why not go to where they are? - Use both networks, Facebook and Twitter post your marketing journey. 

People love personal stories. Use that to create your audience, focus on the story side per-se not on selling and you will start shaping your own Internet Marketing Journey.

Never Give Up! 


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