How to Consistently Add Subscribers to Your List

Overview - how to add subscribers to your list

Building a list of subscribers is the main task of any online business owner as it will single handily make or break your dream of online profits. Through an email list you can communicate with your readers and subscribers, create a bond and a relationship with them even if it is a digital one, and ultimately buy your products, services or affiliate offers. 

However, the first thing to understand is that people look for valuable information they can use, so this needs to be the focus of your content and messages, offer value to your list, truly put out there your best content and genuinely try to help people reach their goals, as opposed to just send them affiliate links or spam messages; this simple mind shift could be worth a lot of money down the road to you.
Slow and steady high-end content wins the race and just know that it is feasible to add hundreds of subscribers (or more) to your list on a weekly basis. This is without depending on Search Engine Optimization or any secret formula. 

It is a matter of numbers after all

First off, a major mistake made by internet marketing newbies is their thinking that the number added this week has to exponentially increase the next week. This is a total misconception.
You can start small with your plan development and rise in slow increments with the numbers. It is best to steady build a list, instead of having overwhelming numbers in the beginning of the process.
Keep in mind that the consistent addition to your list on a weekly basis of say, 50 or 100 subscribers will generate one thousand subscribers in just 10 to 20 weeks.
These one thousand subscribers have the potential of netting you a thousand dollars or more each month if you maintain your list in a productive manner. This translates into a $12,000 revenue from just this one list of subscribers. 

The tools you need.

The squeeze page: The essential component to start building your list is what they call a “squeeze page” which will convert your website traffic into subscribers. If you need some ideas for a squeeze page you do a Google search for ‘squeeze page templates’ and get some ideas. There many offered for free as well.
Modify the wording of the template to match it to your needs, and then upload it to your web hosting. In addition, you will need to incorporate your autoresponder code into the template.
The Autoresponder: An autoresponder is a service that helps you manage, maintain and communicate with your list easily. When the visitor provides his name and email address into your squeeze page, the data goes to a server within your account in the autoresponder service. From there, you can schedule  messages, send them files and information, etc.
It is very important to use a professional and trustworthy autoresponder service nowadays. Since you will be storing personal data, you don’t want to get sued for spamming or not complying with the laws of each country. So, the autoresponder service provider takes care of this for you and worry about your marketing only.

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The method explained

  • STEP 1. know what’s working now in your niche: You can get some content ideas from ezines written by other marketers in your chosen niche. Most likely you are already a subscribed in most of these ezines and you have a goldmine already in your inbox. If not, you can simply subscribe to their lists and along with getting the content ideas you need, you also compile a list of marketers from your niche who are already email list owners.

    You find ezines to join by visiting forums in your selected niche. Additionally, look in Google and Facebook to see if you can find more ezines to join. Facebook is key here, there are many engagement groups or pods in Facebook, look for them and join, get super active in your niche.
  • STEP 2. Contact individual marketers personally by email: Loose your fear and approach the top people in your field. Ask if they would sell you a paid solo ad to their list, and what the cost is to send it out to their subscribers.While some of them will say no, others will accept and if you are thoughtful in your list selection you can get hundreds of new subscribers for less than $100.

    It is also advisable to try and place your ad within their ezine at the top of the issue or article, instead of at the bottom.
    Your research in Google and Facebook will result in many ezine articles for you to source this method. To save time you may want to research the Directory of Ezines and the Udimi Solo Ads service. 

    This directory supplies you with the number of subscribers per list, the cost to mail to these lists, and any other pertinent information concerning each list. A truly valuable resource to put this method in practice. It only takes a few quality list sources for this to produce the need
    ed traffic to your website. This is great technique that will help you build your opt-in email list fast

The approach of the first offer.

An excellent strategy is to avoid hitting them up first with an expensive offer. As they progress through your opt-in process, make your new list member an offer that gives them so much value, that it would be crazy for them not to take advantage of the offer. And this more subtle method is generally more profitable. They don’t know you at this point, or have a reason to trust you enough to make a large purchase from you.
It is better to offer your potential members or prospects something of greater value to them than what it would normally cost or even a free product with an option to upgrade or an affiliate product in the backend. This will put them in the frame of mind of getting a great deal, which will make them very receptive to your future offers.

They will check their email regularly for more of your deals. People want to know what you can do for them or how you can solve their problems. This is the foundation of all businesses in life, you give value, you get value back.
New customers will be more open to your future offers, and will remember you from their previous contacts, so your follow-up emails have a greater likelihood of producing sales for you.
Again, it is mandatory that you present them with exceptional value over and above the cost of the product. This will lead to future sales and may lead to their participation in your blog or forum. And they will be more inclined to tell others about your business and promote your products as an affiliate later.
Remember that during the process of building an email list, it is vitally important to supply quality, informative content to educate the subscriber, in addition to soft selling them on your products that will resolve their problem. This will get them excited about you, your emails, and buying more of your products.
Be respectful to your list subscribers, and always avoid sending them stuff with a ton of offers with no valuable content. You are there to make their lives better.
If they feel that you are motivated only by money they will unsubscribe, maybe send your emails to the spam folder, or delete them all together. They have to see that you care about them to become your dedicated, loyal customers now and in the future.