The Power of Credibility as an Affiliate Marketer

The concept is simple: One of the most powerful ways to elevate your status in ANY niche is to get your name associated with those who are already established and respected. This is especially true for the Make Money Online niche, a.k.a. Affiliate Marketing.

I believe Eliot Spitzer said it best when he mentioned:

"I don't care about motivation. I care about credibility." - The Power of credibility for an Affiliate Marketer

In the Affiliate Marketing there are three initial ways to do that:

1). Model what already works. I can't even begin to tell you how important this is when you are starting out. Every Super Affiliate or successful entrepreneur will tell you that their success is based on following and modeling what already works. So, do your research, find the top affiliate or the person who is already in the place where you want to be. More than buying every offer, instead, follow them on social media, sign up to their lists, observe how they do it, what they say, what they post. Please note: I'm not saying to copy/paste their content, that's not OK. But, you can use it as a model to create your own articles, social media posts, videos, etc. 

2). Get an already established Super Affiliate to endorse your product. This may be as simple as giving a testimonial for your product or you may get the marketer to actively promote your product for you.

Consider this: If you put out a Video Review on “Affiliate Marketing Strategy X” for example, and roll it out with a strong marketing plan, you could most likely make good sales. But imagine if you secured testimonials from 1 or 2 Super Affiliate Marketing Experts and then launched your product. Now the chance of your video going viral and climbing up the most popular  in the industry is much more likely because you have trusted experts endorsing it.

3) Co-create a product with one or more experts in your niche. Getting an expert to endorse your product will do wonders for your product’s credibility. But getting an expert to co-create a product will ensure that you’re instantly established as a credible expert in your own right because once you create a product with an expert, your name will be associated with that person for a very long time.

Consider this: When you create a product with an expert, your name will show up alongside the expert’s name on the product, on the sales letter, in press releases, in blog posts and articles, on forums, on social media sites and more. 

Obviously, using both the above-mentioned tactics (getting endorsements and co-creating products) should be an important part of your overall niche-domination strategy. But first, you need to decide on a product to create.

Choosing Your First Product to Create

Your first step is to decide what type of product you’d like to create. Your choices include (but are not necessarily limited to):
  1. Creating an audio product such as an interview or series of interviews (or webinars).
  2. Creating an eBook, report, physical book or other text product.
  3. Creating an offline workshop or seminar.
  4. Creating a membership site with video training sessions.

TIP: You don’t want to ask someone to write half an eBook for you (especially if you haven’t worked with that person before). However, most people will agree to do a task that takes an hour or less of their time, such as:
  • Completing a short-written interview.
  • Writing an article on their area of expertise.
  • Spending an hour on the phone doing an interview or fielding questions from webinar participants.

If you’re not sure whether your potential partner would prefer to write an article or do an interview on the phone, give him his choice. If you’re doing a text product, you can interview him on the phone, record it, and then transcribe the interview.

You can also offer the audio as a bonus product. - Expert Interview
photo credit: George Milton

If you’re bringing several experts together for a teleseminar series, workshop or even a text product, in general you have two options:

a). You can have every expert speak directly about his or her area of expertise. Here you’ll have a group of experts addressing different topics. So, if you were creating a weight loss product, you might bring in a nutritionist to talk about diet, a personal trainer to discuss weight training, an aerobics instructor to talk about heart-healthy exercise and so on.

b). Alternatively, you can have every expert answer the same question from their perspective. Continuing with the above example, you might simply ask your experts to write an article (or give a talk) about the safest, quickest way to lose weight. Because of their different perspectives, their answers will be different, which makes for an informative production.

REMEMBER: Doing interviews with experts in your niche is a great way to get your name associated with the big players and that's why it’s one of the main recommendations for a “first product” strategy for any aspiring Niche Marketer and think about it... this will open the doors for your affiliate offers later.