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To view the Market Research: How to Find The Right Markets and Reach out to the Customers Who Want Your Product Video Course, simply hit the play button on each title below.  Enjoy!

Video #1: Introduction to Market Research

Video #2: What Is Your Product?

Video #3: Different types of Markets

Video #4: Market Data mining

Video #5: Start Your Research

Please Note: The Compete.com resource mentioned in this video has closed operations after the filming. Please refer to Alexa.com or Quantcast.com to do your research. You can also refer to video 6 in this course to use Google Trends as an additional research site.

Video #6: Finding Market Trends

Video #7: Research Keywords and Check the Stats

Video #8: What Is Selling and What Isn't

Video #9: What People Want and Don't Want?

Video #10: Find the Chatter

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