7 Proven Traffic Methods (2 of 7): Facebook Traffic

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Facebook(TM) is one of the most visited website online according to Alexa and keep in mind that this is a platform with a whopping 2+ billion monthly users, you would probably be surprised to learn that a lot of people don’t actually use Facebook ads as part of their strategy.

You might also be surprised at just how powerful Facebook can be when it comes to growing your site on a limited budget. And Facebook really is powerful. 

Here's 5 simple ways you can Facebook to drive more traffic to your site:

1. Off Facebook, you can use a Facebook Like/Share Buttons On Your Site. 
  • Start with the basics: Place the Facebook Like/Share button on your site. Also, if you use wordpress, there are several plugins for this. 
  • Encourage website visitors to share your content.
2. In Your Facebook Profile:
  • You can share your blog posts on your profile for your friends and followers.
  • On your profile include your main website or where your affiliate promotion.
  • Friend people in your industry. (Potential JV Partners). This is crucial. Join the relevant groups in your niche. Without being too pushy, you can become super active and comment on your peers' timelines and start interacting with the top Vendors and Affiliates. 
  • Actively friend people in your industry.
3. Facebook Pages
  • You can also create a Facebook Page about your brand if you don't want to use your main account. This works better if you have a company or a Local Business, Brand or Product. But if it's you starting out, simply use your own name and account, top affiliates and marketers are usually pretty cool people and understand how socializing works. Just be you. Be honest. Show yourself as you really are. There's nothing wrong with saying: 
Hey [NAME of Marketer], I'm starting out my affiliate business and I would like to connect with you to promote your product. I have no sales yet but I'm serious about growing my online business. Here's my website where I'll be talking about your product."

         Something along those lines will be great to get the ball rolling and letting people know you have            entered the playing field. In the long haul; this will attract more people to your site too.
  • Promote your page on your site and in Facebook ads. (more on this in the next section)
  • Include a link to your site, give updates, overview of service.
  • Connect with your audience. (Hint: Running Contests)
4. Facebook Ads
  • Create a FB business account and create ads targeting your specific demographic down to age and interest. You can promote your page, landing page, or blog. In Facebook you have even more control on this then in other platforms. That’s because you get to target people based on hobbies, interests, job description, gender, age, marital status and more. In other words, you are targeting based on information the users have provided to Facebook. 
  • Run simple ads. Just like AdWords, Facebook ads are a form of ‘PPC’. That stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ and it means that you pay out each time someone clicks on one of the adverts. You can choose precisely how much you want to pay for each click by setting what is known as the maximum CPC – the Cost Per Click. 
5. Facebook Groups
  • Create a group to bring people together around your niche.
  • For example people interested in real estate investing, improving their putting, getting more search engine traffic, being a better parent, healthy eating group, etc. 
  • You can promote your site inside the group.
  • You can also Go Live and stream a presentation with the main issues and solutions in your market.
All this 5 options open up a LOT of powerful potential when you consider how you can use Facebook to the fullest by combining these features.

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