Affiliate Marketing in 7 Steps Series (1/7)

Affiliate Marketing in 7 Steps Series

STEP 1. Choose a subject or niche (as the experts call it) - Choosing Your Niche

Making money online will be less of a chore if you enjoy what you’re doing.  Many veteran Internet marketers will tell you that, first and foremost, you should try to pinpoint a subject that you like or something that you are interested in.

Imagine creating a dog grooming business when you don’t even like dogs. How will that venture fare?

Without the love and the passion, you can invest your time and money in a business, but it will never reach its full potential.  Furthermore, you’ll easily get bored with it.  And once you get bored, maintaining your business will be worse than work.

You should find a subject matter that you enjoy, or something you KNOW and want to teach others.

Your choice of market will depend on a variety of factors:
  • How well do you know the said market? 
  • How interested are you with the said market? 
  • What is the outlook for the said market? 
  • How big is the demand of the said market? 
  • What is the size of the competition in the said market? 
So, to pick your niche, list 10 to 20 profitable niches you are interested in, then look for keywords that are already “buy” keywords. Instead of trying to compete for” weight loss pill”, try to rank for “Garcinia Cambogia Pill” or even better some related product pill that people search for by name.

When you try to compete for a general “weight loss pill” you might be able to rank in google but it will be hard especially if you are just starting out. Do your research and find the 10-bestselling weight loss pills out there, find out their names and run those product name keywords in the Google Keyword Planner to find out the easiest term to rank for.

Low Supply + High Demand = Profitable Niche Market

This is the ONE FORMULA you should remember when choosing a niche market.  It’s the basic rule of economic success.  It’s the secret of so many high-profit businesses throughout the ages.

You see, high yielding enterprises are not born overnight, and neither are they born out of whim. They are products of meticulous study and consistent hard work. And it all begins from selecting the perfect market for their ventures.

There are many online tools that you can use to determine the variables at play with the formula above. You will want to choose subjects with high numbers of searches.

My personal determinant is at least 100,000 searches per month.  This will assure me that there are a substantial number of people very much interested in the said subject.

Now, finding a sub-topic that commands many searches is not enough.  You need to determine how many websites are catering to it, since you’ll be operating on the Internet.

Run a search of the sub-topic at  Look at the number of web pages that appear, as indicated on the top area of the results page.

If the subject commands 100,000 searches per month and there are 200,000 websites catering to the it, then the supply outweighs the demand and the chances of succeeding as an affiliate in such a field will be slimmer.

But if the subject commands say 500,000 searches per month and there are only 2,000 websites catering to it, then you have for yourself a goldmine!

This is how you create and find a fertile market on the Internet so you can follow the money!

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