Continuum Review and Bonus

Just a quick heads up today regarding the upcoming Continuum launch by Jono Armstrong.

Continuum Review and Bonus by Daniel Cortes

This Continuum Review and Mega Bonus Offer will be going live on the 29th of September.

Continuum is an evergreen webinar platform and has been built to improve on all current auto-webinar platforms.

The first advantage in terms of pricing is that Continuum is a one-time fee platform as opposed to a yearly recurring charge as the main webinar platforms out there.

Continuum has a ton of features for Internet Marketers that improve on all the auto-webinar competition software available today.

Some of these improvements are

  •  Evergreen webinar platform
  •  Multi-Stat Times
  •  Start Now Option
  •  Time Zone Detection
  •  Chat Support
  •  Just in time scheduling
  •  Traffic sequence creator
  •  Social Network Integration
  •  Zapier Integrations 
  •  All Major Autoresponders Integration
  •  Calendar Management and much more!

Continuum is tailor made to be best auto-webinar solution.

Continuum is not only a webinar software though. The main benefit is that continuum is a whole business-in-a-box as it comes preloaded with 3 DFY auto-webinars on the front-end so you don't have to create webinars yourself to rip the benefits of the software.

That's right, Continuum comes preloaded with 3 auto-webinars that promote high ticket affiliate offers so the payout is around for these are in the neighborhood of $500 in commissions per sale.

The other thing is that will most current auto-webinar solutions you don't get to keep the leads and see the stats of each campaign so Continuum offers also advanced training in the front-end offer so you can see stats about where your traffic is coming from.

The training is broken down on 3 skills levels FREE traffic, Intermediate cheaper traffic and advanced AdWords traffic as well.

Continuum also includes a special training by Jono Armstrong showing exactly how to set up a complete funnel using the webinars and high ticket products.

Basically this is a close in-depth look at Jono's own online business model with all the elements and tools included to replicate his success.

So, this is a great opportunity especially now during the lockdown people are actively looking for high ticket DFY solutions.


UPDATE Sept. 28th.: My Continuum Mega Bonus offer is now available!


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