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Q1. Do I need to Register for each Site?
YES, each site requires registration (Don't worry, it's FREE).

Q2. What exactly do I get? 
Each membership offers 10 content packed video tutorials to sync your mind for Online Business, Internet Marketing Development and Wealth Management.

Q3. Are there any upgrades?
There is an option to get the Gold Level where you can access more training and advanced tips, hacks and techniques. Again, this is completely optional. However, the FREE Silver level will do wonders for your mindset and how to approach the beautiful world of Online Business and Money Management (actually, the concepts and techniques inside will help you in your personal finances as well) so there's really nothing to lose by signing up.

Q4. Can I access both memberships at once?
Sure. You can can get access to the Platinum Level with one master user/password for all sites here. An amazing opportunity for not only learning but also for reselling the training to others.